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Promotion of Education

To carry on the injunction of Washington in his farewell address to the American people, "to promote, as an object of primary importance, institutions for the general diffusion of knowledge,"

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News That's REVOLUTIONARY is a newsletter our chapter has decided to publish with relevant information for history education.

It is our sincere wish that this newsletter will provide you with valuable resources and information to aid in history education.

Additionally, we want to share with  you opportunities for students such as essay contests related to American History, recognition as a good citizen, and scholarship opportunities.

Tool Box  We've put together a tool box to aid educators in their lesson plans as part of our efforts to help promote education. Check out the latest editions to our Tool Box!

DAR Scholarships  are offered to applicants who must first obtain a letter of sponsorship from a DAR chapter.

For information on NSDAR scholarships, click here.

For information on NCSDAR scholarships, click here.

But don't forget to email the Colonel Joseph Winston Chapter, NSDAR for sponsorship information. We'll also be happy to help  you with any necessary application forms! Good luck!!



DAR Schools are promoted by the NSDAR. Most of these school began with a small group of children in disadvantaged areas where public education was not accessible. As improvement of roads and public education facilities occurred in these areas, the needs of the communities changed. The schools have grown into fully operational campuses, meeting the changing needs of their communities.

Today the DAR Schools encompass a variety of special needs programs including attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, adult literacy, and children in family crisis. The DAR also serves thousands of other eager students from pre-school through college who need a place to learn to fulfill their potential.

Each school is owned and controlled by a private, non-profit corporation in the state in which it is located.

The Colonel Joseph Winston Chapter, NSDAR  works most closely with supporting the following DAR and DAR Approved Schools:

Tamassee DAR School, Inc in South Carolina.

Crossnore Schools, Inc. in North Carolina.